Do you like to draw?

Do you like graphic design?

How about putting your creative ideas towards designing artwork for this year’s


You are invited to design artwork used to promote the 2020 Portal Fish Day Run/Walk and the Port Washington Fish Day Festival.

 Submitted artwork will be judged for:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • The graphic best representing the theme – “Fin-tastic Fun for Everyone”


Cash prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

The 1st place design is used on T-shirts and promotional materials for the Fish Day Run/Walk, benefiting Portal, as well as by the Port Washington Fish Day Festival.  The individual submitting the winning design is invited to serve as Junior Parade Marshal for the Fish Day Parade on Saturday, July 18, 2023 in downtown Port Washington.

Contest Details:

  • All designs must be submitted to Portal, inc. by Monday, March 2, 2020.
  • Artwork must be original and include elements reflecting theme (computer generated artwork preferred).
  • The live matter area on the T-shirt is 11” x 11”.
  • Design must be adaptable for use on t-shirt and marketing materials (i.e. poster, brochure, event button).
  • Must be in color and can be up to four colors using silk screen inks (Black is considered a color, avoid using fluorescent colors).
  • Final design and color selection is the responsibility of the selection committee and the printer.
  • All designs must include:
    • Theme:  “Fin-tastic Fun for Everyone”
    • Date:  Saturday, July 18, 2023
    • Location:  Port Washington, WI

All designs must be submitted by Monday, March 2, 2020. Mailing address:  Portal, inc., P.O. Box 65, Grafton, WI 53024-0065 or deliver to Portal, 1015 Cedar Creek Rd., Grafton (Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm).

Please contact Marlene Morgan at 262-377-4410 regarding any questions.

Print or type your name, age, school, home address, phone number and email on the back of your design.  This information must be included for your design to be considered.


Helpful Hints for Design:

  • Fish Day is a celebration of fishing in Port Washington.  Try to use Great Lakes sport fish (salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, etc.) in your artwork – avoid using tropical fish or highly stylized fish.
  • Avoid using trademarked art such as cartoon characters, action figures or other graphics requiring a royalty payment to use.
  • A border around your design is not necessary; however, all required elements must fit within the 11” x 11” square – live matter may go out to the edge of the design limit.
  • T-shirts are printed using up to four colors (black is a color).  Since this is not four-color process lithography, you cannot add two colors to get a third (blue and yellow won’t make green via silk screen process).  Also, shades of a color are more difficult to achieve.

Have fun and good luck!

Portal, inc. and Port Fish Day, Inc. reserve the right to accept, reject, or modify any designs submitted.

Download Fish Day Logo Design Contest information