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FISH DAY 2001 Photos

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Town Krier

Brint Anderson
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The Lovelies
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The Lovelies
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Gary Cross
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Dan Small
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Fish Toss Prizes

Bo's General Lee
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Kevin's having fun!
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Dave Steffan Band
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Main Stage Crowd

Road Trip

Road Trip
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Hi Dave! Got water?
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Water Fights
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Water Fights

Water Fights

Water Fights
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Water Fights

Water Fights
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Cooling Off
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Smoked Fish
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Fish Heads Flying
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Fish Eating Contest
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Still Going...

Almost Done!
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Ronald McDonald
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Kiefer Brothers Band
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Kiefer Brothers Band
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Edgar Winter & Melvin Brannon II
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Brion James
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Edgar Winter
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Edgar on the Sax.
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Rick Latham
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Edgar's Audience

Edgar's Audience
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Rick Latham
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Edgar Winter
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Edgar Winter
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Edgar Winter
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Edgar Winter
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Edgar Winter
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Edgar Winter
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Edgar Winter
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Edgar Winter
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Waiting For Later
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Edgar on Timbales
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Edgar on Timbales
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Tony's Tygers

Tony's Tygers
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Mickey Thomas

Mickey Thomas
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Phil Bennett &
Jeff Adams
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Mickey Thomas & Mark Abrahamian
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Mickey Thomas
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Mark Abrahamian
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Jeff Adams &
Phil Bennett
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Darrell "Pellican" Verdusco


Mickey Thomas

Mickey Thomas
& Jeff Adams
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Spectacular Fireworks!
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After the show.

Mark Abrahamian signs some autographs.
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This couple was lucky enough to catch a broken drumstick!

Some lucky fans with Mark Abrahamian.
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"Web Guy" Tim & Mark Abrahamian.

More to come...

   Past Fish Day Photos

Car Show

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Craft Show

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Fun Run/Walk

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