Port Fish Day 2003
Marc Ballini


�Do what you want to��Marc Ballini�s mantra you might say.  And how fortunate for all of us, because this man sings and plays with a passion and sincerity that leaves you begging for more.  In the process of Marc doing what he wants to he has captured the heats of hometown fans in Port Washington, WI and recently broke a few in upstate New York.  During the summer of 2001, Marc had one of his �life experiences� in Saratoga Springs, NY which gave him the needed reservoir to create �Tails Out� his fourth original music CD of his career.  Since that time Marc has recorded and produced his latest CD �in the meantime� which was released in November 2002.

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1982, Marc began playing the piano at the age of five.  Born from a family of musicians, Marc plays piano and acoustic guitar and has honed his skills to a professional level in a few short years.  He has also added a variety of harmonica styles to his talented performance abilities.

Marc Ballini grew up in Port Washington, WI graduating from Port Washington High School in 2000.  Marc had the pleasure of performing his original song �To Say Goodbye� as his own graduation ceremony.  �The crowd was so big I just had to close my eyes.  I couldn�t look at them.  Near the end when I finished playing, I opened my eyes and just said to myself, oh my God.�  And so did the 600 plus people in the audience at the ceremony who discovered this rising talent.

Now living in St. Paul, MN Marc returns regularly to perform at coffee houses, bars and college campuses in his hometown area of Port Washington, Cedarburg and Milwaukee.

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