Fish Day FAQs

Q: Can I bring my own food and beverages into the Fish Day grounds?

A: No food or beverage of any kind may be taken into the Fish Day grounds. The vendors and Stands offer a variety of food and beverages for sale at reasonable prices.

Q: Are pets allowed on the Fish Day Grounds?

A: To assure our safety and that of our pets we do not allow pets on the Fish Day Grounds. Of course, service animals are welcome.

Q: Where does the money go?

A: Most of the profits from Fish Day go to the nine local, civic, fraternal, veteran, and service organization that operate the Fish and Chips stands. The remaining dollars go to produce the event. For additional information see our Mission Page.

Q: What can I carry-in?

The following items are ALLOWED at Fish Day:*
* Umbrellas
* Strollers
* Disposable Camera
* Small Camera
* Small Bag or Purse

Q: Can I ride my bicycle to Fish Day?

A: We do not have facilities for parking bicycles. No bicycles are allowed on the Fish Day grounds.

Q: Can I ride my skateboard on the grounds?

A: Because of the number of people at Fish Day, No skateboard riding is allowed on the grounds.

Q: How can I get involved with Fish Day?

A: See our volunteer page and let us know you want to help.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Please see our maps and parking page for handicap and standard parking information.

Q: How much does it cost to enter Fish Day?

A: There is no charge to enter the Fish Day grounds. However, to enter the Main Stage area you will need a Fish Day Button. Fish Day Buttons can be purchased at Fish Day for $5.00 each or are available in advance from many of our sponsors.