Port Fish Day 2003
The Benjy Davis Project

The Benjy Davis Project is true to their down home Delta roots and these Baton Rougeans are becoming much More than Local -- as paraphrased in the title track of the band's debut CD of the same name. Emerging at a rapid pace with compelling original songs, tight harmonies, and creative band arrangements the BDP has received 26,000 hits on MP3 and gained the attention of record labels. They've toured the US with various national and international acts that overlap genres from jam and folk rock to blues and zydeco. This unlikely feat has been accomplished in less than a year and not since Better Than Ezra has a Baton Rouge group created such excitement.

The fact that they all grew up in the same Louisiana city with similar influences leads to an almost telepathic communication in interpreting their songs, all written by Benjy Davis, and delivered with fast-paced, lively and intricate phrasing. The songs have a timeless, universal feel to them reflecting real life experiences and a vulnerability easily related to by their generation, yet expressing feelings that everyone can relate to. Their enthusiastic audiences embody the full range of the age spectrum.

Benjy is seemingly innocent yet haunting, intellectual yet earthy. This is not your ordinary alternative college rock band. Their music ponders real life, real love and real visions with the attitudes of college kids growing up in today's world. It is about lucidly being in the here-and-now.

With each song, you walk away from their music inadvertently enriched. You've gotta laugh and rock out at the memories of late nights with friends on such songs as 'Louisiana Saturday Night' and 'Where My Ass Is.' Your heartstrings will be pulled tight on remembering your first love on 'Sleep Sweetly' and possibly losing her in 'Where The Heart Is.' All are cuts from their debut CD and there are 50 more new songs in various stages of development.

The Project consists of singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist Benjy Davis, bassist Brett Bolden, drummer Mic Capdevielle, vocalist/keyboardist/harmonica player Michael Galasso, lead guitarist Jonathan Lawhun and vocalist/violinist Anthony Rushing who seamlessly combine as one musical voice. It's a rarity to find a group of young musicians that play with such precision and originality. The freshness of their sound breathes new life into rock music while simultaneously revealing respect for folk, blues and country influences. Although their southern roots are obvious, this is not your typical southern rock band. They name Paul Simon, James Taylor and the Allman Brothers as influences and have a strong appreciation for contemporary artists Edwin McCain, John Mayer and Pat Green.

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