The Lovelies

    Singer/songwriter Liv Mueller, a veteran of Milwaukee alternative country bands, formed The Lovelies in the summer of 1996 with drummer Damian Strigens of The Frogs and bassist Luisa Ritchie, who played with Italian punk rock bands before moving to Milwaukee. The trio's album, "Baby Justice," possesses every element of a great rock 'n roll record: lucid little songs with smart melodies; ringing, stirring electric guitar leads; and musicianship that puts the accent on expressiveness rather than show-offy playing. Mueller's songs could have been written and recorded anytime in the past 20 years, yet they sound entirely contemporary. Whether through the force of influence or a similarity in temperment or vocal texture, The Lovelies' guitar driven pop-rock sometimes skirts close to The Pretenders.

    The Lovelies have opened for Throwing Muses, Luscious Jackson, and Veruca Salt in Milwaukee and for Sloan and Fountains of Wayne in Chicago. "Baby Justice" has been played on Milwaukee's WLZR and WLUM.

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