Port Fish Day 2002
Terrance Simien &
The Mallet Playboys


TERRANCE SIMIEN, brings the authentic cajun zydeco sounds of his Southwest Louisiana home to Fish Day 2002 as he headlines the Hansen�s Piggly Wiggly / WMSE 91.7 Blues Stage.  Terrance grew up in Mallet, Louisiana with his early musical interest rooted in the spiritual music found in the area churches.  At a young age he was also exposed to zydeco, an accordian and rubboard fueled, tail shaking party music, at one of the wildest roadhouses in Southwest Louisiana called Richard�s (pronounced Reeshard�s).  Combining these varied influences, at age 17, a young Terrance Simien hit the highway with his first band.

After nearly two decades of performing, Terrance Simien and his band, known as �The Mallet Playboys� put on a live show which has become legendary.  There are few better live performers.  Terrance bounces around the stage with his squeezebox dangling from his body like a glee-full barefooted teddy bear.  He has built a dedicated following who refer to themselves as �Beadheads� as a reference to the highly anticipated segment of his show when he tosses out, by the fistfuls, sparkling Mardi Gras beads.

For years the critics have compared Terrance Simien vocally to some of the great crooners like Sam Cooke and Al Green.  He writes from a very different perspective than many other zydeco artists.  Inspired by some of the greatest songwriters of our time; Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, the Band, the Neville Brothers and the great Clifton Chenier all had a profound affect on him and consequently his music is much more complex than traditional zydeco.  Terrance Simien also was the first zydeco band to fuse zydeco and reggae into his unique signature reggae flavored songs.  He has recorded numerous CD�s of original music over the years.  Rolling Stone magazine called him �A zydeco master, his voice yearning like Jimmy Cliff and Sam Cooke.� Terrance also contributed some of his music to the soundtrack for the film �The Big Easy� as well as appearing in the movie.  Don�t miss the Louisiana style party coming to the Fish Day 2002 Blues Stage.

Audio Clips
Macque Choux
All Her Lovin'


Discography Movie Soundtracks/TV Radio
The Big Easy Soundtrack, 1987
Zydeco on the Bayou, 1990
Alligator Stomp II, 1991
Zydeco Party,1992
There's Room For Us All, 1993
Alligator Stomp V, 1995
Live From Mountain Stage, 1996
Jam the Jazzfest, 1998
Ga Ga for Ya Ya: Zydeco Madness, 1999
Positively Beadhead, 1999
Best of Byron Bay Blues Festival, 2000
Rollin Into Memphis: The Songs of John Hiatt, 2000
The Big Easy, 1987
Blue Bayou, 1989
Much Music, (Canadian VH-1) 1991
The Lonesome Pine Special, 1992
Exit to Eden, 1995
VH-1 New Orleans JazzFest feature, 1995
International Jam/ LPB, 1995
Murder of Crows, 1998
CNN Worldbeat, 2000
World Caf�
Mountain Stage
House of Blues Radio Hour w/ Dan Aykroyd

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