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Off Broadway

1979 - following a tempestuous battle among over a dozen major record companies, Atlantic landed "Off Broadway".  In 1980, Off Broadway, a band born out of Chicago, released its first album "ON", including the hit singles "Stay in Time"  and "Full Moon Turn Your Head Around."

"ON" the critically acclaimed debut album sold nearly 300,000 copies in hometown Chicago alone; however, in other parts  of the world, marketing efforts were, to put it kindly, less aggressive. Atlantic eventually re-released this pop masterpiece on  CD which is available through retail outlets, live performances and soon at the Off Broadway usa web site.

The band took its live performances to hundreds of venues throughout the country, singularly and among diverse and often mis-matched line-ups from the late 70�s through the mid 80�s.

A second album, "Quick Turns" was somewhat reluctantly released through Atlantic in 1981, but proved to be a strong  offering, spawning the well-received singles "Automatic" and "Are You Alone?"

Today "Off Broadway"; Cliff Johnson, Rob Harding, Ken Harck, Mike Gorman and Mike Redmond have settled into a cozy, unaffected and quite successful niche in today�s extremely diverse music community.

Throughout the years, time tested and true, Off Broadway have developed a mature perspective on their material and delivery which translates most effectively � with reciprocation- to their loyal, growing audiences.

Best summed up from the song "Bully, Bully", it�s still about F U N!


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