Port Fish Day 2002
The Bullheads

      Nothing "fishy" about these guys... Blasting out of Bulgaria where their latest CD has gone plutonium, The Bullheads play straight ahead, honest classic rock with their own warped R&B twist. With a combined total of 140 + years of rock 'n' roll experience (REALLY!!), they are notorious for leaving crowds of senior citizens tearing their clothes off  in a frenzy and throwing motel keys and jellybeans on stage in a fit of wild abandon.
Bullhead Mania?... Only time will tell.

Marty "Nikita" Sinatra - Keyboards

Left a high level job in the KGB to play Rock "N' Roll

Claims to know the actual whereabouts of Elvis

Falcon - Stolen Fender Bass

Former circus clown

Babbles Incoherrantly

Generally considered harmless

John Frederick of Hollywood - Guitars
Classically trained & rockabilly brained, this "quiet" member of the group does his talking through his "Axe" as he coaxes screams of agony through it's strings
Bar*B*Q Bob - Drums
A percussion stylist unlike no other
Able to play "Wipeout" in 5 different languages

Come & join the Bullheads experience at Fish Day 2002!

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